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We are Lily and Oli! and we´re excited to be the new Something Good mascots! We can’t wait to keep helping kids all over the world through Something Good’s “You BUY One, We GIVE One,” philosophy. 

There are millions of children in the world who don't have access to the basic necessities of life. Something Good is on a mission to change that fact for as many kids as possible. 

Something Good operates on a one to one donation basis - whenever someone purchases a Something Good t-shirt, another shirt will also be donated to a child in-need around the world. 

How did the idea start? Here’s the story in the owner’s own words:

“For me the idea began to take shape here in the Vail Valley. I was donating many items to local silent auctions to help raise awareness for the brand. Then I was approached by a group from Vail Christian High School that was going to Costa Rica to donate to underpriviledged children there. I made a large clothing donation to them, and then got to thinking, "Why can't I do this all the time?" From there, the idea took off!” 

Something Good donates to many different charities around the world and donations occur every March, September and December.

We have worked with the COR Foundation in Buenos Aires. which provides homes for children born HIV positive.

Most of these children are abandoned by their parents shortly after birth, left on the doorstep of one of the five COR Foundation homes or even left in the streets. 

We also donate in the city of San Rafael, Mendoza at five "casa cunas." Casa cuna loosely translates to "crib home," which is essentially what Americans would think of as an orphanage. These homes are for children ranging in age from infants up to seven years old and each home accommodates about 200 children. 

Most of these kids have never had the simple things that we consider basic facts of life - a loving family, food on the table, clean clothes and a warm bed. When I make the trip to Argentina to deliver the clothing, I am completely humbled by these children. They have faced more challenges than any child should have to endure and yet they can still find pure joy in something as simple as a new t-shirt. 

It makes you appreciate your blessings and reminds you to really consider what is important in your life. I hope to continue to make larger and larger donations so we can impact more of these young lives! 

When you buy Something Good, you support the mission to put a smile on a child’s face and improve the lives of kids in-need around the world. Just look for us on the label and you’ll know you’re DOING SOMETHING GOOD!


Lili & Oli

P.S.- Looking to contribute to the effort in another way?

Please contact us to discuss other donation opportunities -

(970) 368-2276 or